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10 TIPS ON MAKING Your Digital Product, Printer Ready Pre-flight time is limited. Disks should be ready for output. A directory of files should be submitted with each disk. In order to help make your disk output flawless or timely as to prevent additional costs, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Include all fonts used in the document plus those used in imported eps graphics.

2. Include all graphics used in the document.

3. For color printing, make sure to convert RGB files to CMYK.

4. When using Pagemaker - do not imbed graphics but link them instead.

5. Do not create custom font suitcases containing standard "system fonts" or fonts such as Helvetica and Times.

6. Do not rotate large images in your page layout program. This will increase the time it takes to output the file.

7. Send only those files needed to output file.

8. In QuarkExpress tiff images should have a background of white or 9% black If you use "none" the images will print jagged edges.

9. Remove all unused colors from your document and convert the colors you are using to the proper type such as Spot or CMYK.

10. Avoid compressing files and graphics whenever possible.

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